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Creating the future of travel

The fundamentals to driving costs out of corporate travel powered by the internet:

Current market trends suggest that cost saving initiatives must be introduced to aggressively reduce the soaring costs of travel.  Business executives and managers are forced to reduce costs across the business and therefore have no option other than to source cost effective solutions.

Travel is a key strategic business tool and while businesses may find it difficult to cut down on business travel, the obvious drive is towards cost effective solutions.

By implementing the six pillars of cost savings, the foundation of the mymarket.com travel procurement and management system, this strategic imperative will be realised.



 The future of travel – mymarket.com

mymarket.com’s online travel solution utilises cutting edge technology to provide corporate clients with a holistic travel management solution. Recognising the fundamentals of procurement best practice and founded on the key objective of driving savings, the mymarket.com travel offering is a world first in integrated, internet based travel solutions.  

The online travel solution empowers corporate clients to manage travel policies as well as traveller profiles and provides travel bookers simultaneous access to the lowest available rates for all sectors, air (full service and low cost), car and hotel. Negotiated vendor rates and deals are stored in the system to ensure the lowest in-policy trip is booked. Approvers are advised of out of policy bookings or any trip not booked at the lowest rate. Integration support into existing legacy systems and real-time reporting tools ensure better controls to drive cost savings for the corporate client.

The online travel solution ensures the realisation of significant cost savings per corporate client, enabling these organisations to manage and control their travel requirements. This unique travel system has been custom built to meet the local needs of the South African market without compromising its functionality or standards.

We are able to customise, configure and integrate the solution to meet the exact requirements per corporate client.  The ability to integrate with a client’s existing systems ensures that corporate clients are able to manage the entire process from source to pay.