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mymarket.com – Small business edition

mymarket.com’s industry leading online travel management solution is now accessible to the small business sector, with the addition of the Small Business Edition (SBE). mymarket.com SBE uses the same world class technology and shares the core functionality that has made the mymarket.com Enterprise Edition South Africa’s market leader.

The Small Business Edition has been designed and packaged to suite the needs of small business; needs which differ from those of a corporate but which are equally important. Rather than simply packaging a sophisticated technology solution, SBE is an entire managed travel program using best practice technology as an enabler. mymarket.com’s Small Business Edition combines the following into a simple yet powerful solution:

  1. Technology (software as a service)
    1. Technology is the enabler of mymarket.com SBE, managing and automating all aspects of the travel booking process and leveraging the existing value in the travel program.
  2. Content (inventory)
    1. With access to multiple travel inventory systems mymarket.com provides the user with the most comprehensive selection of airline seats, hotel rooms and rental cars available. The user is empowered to make an informed decision taking all options into account.
  3. Partnerships
    1. mymarket.com is Proudly Bidvest, making us part of one of South Africa’s and the world’s leading companies with a reputation of delivering world class products and services to our valued clients.
    2. Also part of our group are well know established travel management companies including HRG Rennies Travel, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, BCD Travel, Harvey World Travel and more. As part of South Africa’s largest travel conglomerate our travel management companies have long lasting relationships with all the suppliers in the travel industry; relationships which will benefit all SBE users.
  4. Community
    1. SBE is not only a product for small businesses, it is a community of small businesses all with the same goal; to manage their travel spend more effectively and to extract as much value (savings) as possible from the process.
    2. As part of the SBE community users will benefit from special prices negotiated specifically for them, using the buying power of the SBE community as leverage with suppliers.
  5. Service – not everything has to be virtual
    1. Although the primary point of contact with SBE will be online through the internet this does not mean users are left unsupported when it comes to trouble shooting or requiring enhanced explanations. We have trained consultants on standby to assist with any queries and to ensure the process works seamlessly for all users.
  6. Easy access – no investment
    1. Because SBE is offered as a hosted (internet based) service, mymarket.com has invested in all the requisite computer hardware and software to run and operate the solution. All a user needs is a PC and access to the internet; there is no installation of software required. b. There are no upfront or hidden costs involved when becoming part of the SBE community. You can immediately begin to enjoy all the benefits of this online solution. The model is purely pay as use and a fee is only charged when a reservation is made. This fee is also specifically designed and discounted for SBE community members.
  7. Management information
    1. Managing travel spend is not easy without accessible management information, and even with management reports it is often too late to correct an irregularity when it is identified.
    2. SBE provides managers with upfront approval of all travel reservations including declined savings figures. Declined savings takes the best available flight on the day and compares it to the flight the user booked. If the user has not selected the best fare available the manager is notified when the booking is made, prior to the travel taking place.