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The mymarket.com implementations team will ensure that the suite of mymarket.com products and services is rolled out within the framework of an agreed project and implementation plan. In consultation with the client, the implementations team will scope the project based on the client’s specific requirements.

The implementation:

  • Project meetings
    • Project meetings are held with the client to review the project scope, risks and timelines.
  • IQ (Implementation Questionnaire)
    • The objective of the mymarket.com IQ document is to ensure that the implementation and rollout of the mymarket.com system for the client is as painless as possible.
    • The IQ document lists key configuration questions and rules which will determine how the system will meet the client’s business needs and requirements.
    • The IQ document will be completed in a joint consultative process between mymarket.com and the client.
    • In order for the IQ document to be successfully completed, it is imperative that the key personnel from the relevant areas within the business participate in the process; for example finance; IT; operations).
    • The mymarket.com system has been designed with ease of configuration in mind. After completing the IQ document and the required training, the client’s assigned users will have no trouble in configuring the system and tailoring the system to meet the requirements of the business.

  • System setup
    • The mymarket.com implementations team will setup each module in accordance with the client’s specific needs. Workshops will be held in parallel with the IQ sessions to understand the client’s specific requirements. An information gathering exercise will be conducted with the client supplying company structures, cost centres and business rules for approval.
  • UAT
    • User acceptance testing will conducted by all parties concerned and a test pack will be provided by the implementations team. This will include full end to end testing and sign off.
  • Training
    • A training programme, by company, will be created. Training venue(s) will be booked by the client.
    • Onsite training can be offered at the client’s offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban upon request.
  • Post Go live
    • mymarket.com usually suggests that a part time mymarket.com trainer is on-site for the initial go-live of implementation. This will provide users real-time support, training and assist with any change management issues and accelerate the user adoption of the technology and help drive compliance within the client’s environment.
  • Hand over to account management
    • After go live the client account will be handed over to an account manager and support centre, who will manage ongoing support. Please see account management for more details (please make a hyperlink to account management section