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IT / Development environment

We are a young dynamic development team with the latest technology and tools available for our development needs. We use mainly Microsoft products with core components of the system architecture being BizTalk 2006, SQL 2005, Share Point Portal Server and K2.Net (although not a Microsoft product an excellent workflow tool that is closely aligned with Microsoft development team). We code mainly in C# and ASP.Net, use web services extensively and XML, XSLT and Javascript are part of our daily lives.

Our location in Rosebank is by design as we are situated one floor bellow the Internet Solutions data centre. We have a Vault within the data centre housing all the production servers (mainly blades) and we have access to the best bandwidth in the country(we have fiber connectivity to the Net!). This is an absolute requirement because we host and maintain all our own software and the clients access the software over the internet. We NEVER install software on client servers or behind a client firewall, all access to mymarket is over the internet or via web services or for the less advanced clients FTP still haunts us. Having all our software hosted and accessed via the web means developers rarely need to travel all development takes place at mymarket.com in Rosebank.

We have a creative and rewarding environment for developers to work in, the developers enjoying a large amount of freedom in their code writing and are typically exposed to all the latest technology available. Developers are an important part of the mymarket.com team and are well supported by the helpdesk, operations and implementations team. We have a full development, staging and live environments to support the development process. Within the development team we have dedicated  business analysts and software testers to ensure that specifications are clear, meet the clients requirements and only industrial strength software is deployed into the live environment.

The development team has a flat structure, we are for more interested in productivity than titles. We strive every day to develop software for the company that is easy to implement, use and support. We are a committed bunch who take pride in the software we have developed and understand there is often a simpler, better and faster (and standardized!!) way to do something.