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Approval workflow

There are various system architectures available to clients to ensure their requirements are met:

  1. The system can be configured with multiple workflow facilities working in conjunction with one another
  2. The system can facilitate approval groups with multiple approvers within each group.
  3. The system caters for dual signatory requirements, delegation steps and automated escalation time frames
  4. The mymarket.com system works with 6 different types of categories for approval:

    1. Spending Limit workflow:

    • The ability to configure specific spend limits in the system to ensure that every cost centre has an approval workflow setup according to specific limits within each approval group

    1. Budget Workflow:

    • The budgets required by the client would be loaded into the mymarket.com system which would check for budget based on the business rules configured in the system and generate the purchase order after the check has been electronically performed

    1. Cost Centre Workflow:

    • The cost centre is setup with their respective workflow rules

    1. Commodity Workflow: