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Account Strategies

Our account management team interacts with clients on a weekly / monthly basis, dependant on client requirements. Our focus is ongoing analysis of client strategy vs performance, monitoring of system utilisation and overall category spend (procurement / travel) with a view to ensuring that client requirements are being met.

Account strategies focus on the total account and position mymarket.com to be able to best serve the business needs of the client. The strategies implemented will empower mymarket.com and the client to ensure that short-term objectives are met, while at the same time, developing strategies for the longer term. This helps close the gap between client’s expectations and the actual value that the client is gaining from mymarket.com. 

  • Statistical / Reporting
  • Compliance
  • Ongoing Maintenance (System Changes)
  • Enhancements / New Modules  

The account manager will assist the client in setting objectives and planning of strategy, determining where mymarket.com modules could be implemented to further streamline business processes and deliver cost savings within the client business.

  1. Advisory: Understanding and anticipating the client’s business needs and developing solutions.
  2. Relationship Architecture: Building firm-to-firm relationships where appropriate, drawing on mymarket.com’s existing supplier database.
  3. Cross Team Delivery: Ensure that all mymarket.com teams are working together to deliver the client’s solution.

Commitment to Service

mymarket.com will:

  • provide a suitably qualified resource who will be able to liaise with the client across all levels
  • meet with the client on a regular basis as required by the client
  • endeavour to understand and keep abreast of the client's goals and objectives
  • proactively mitigate problems for the client
  • ensure that unresolved problems are appropriately escalated and dealt with
  • identify and address any gaps in services that can be provided to the client

Communication for support:

Owing to the nature of the account manager’s role, it is inevitable that they will spend a considerable amount of time outside of the office. As a result, the account manager can not be the 1st Line of Support and the client must always contact the mymarket.com helpdesk in the first instance.